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Say Good-Bye to icky germs, viruses, bacteria, and more on cakes and other gifts!

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Why Are They Special?

Super Safe

Keep Germs, Viruses, Bacteria, and nasty Spit off of your cakes and goodies which keeps everyone healthy!

Holds Candles & Balloons

Our holders firmly hold Birthday Cake Candles, Twistys and Candles on Sticks, as well as Balloons on Strings!

Sticks To Smooth Surfaces

The wide adheasive bases of the Stick and Wish Germ Free Candle Holders prevent tip-overs on smooth surfaces!


Our Stick and Wish Germ Free Candle Holders are designed to be disposed of after your event for health & safety!

Many Creative Uses

For use with Birthday Cake Candles, Twisty Style Candles, Candles on Sticks, Stringed Balloons, and MORE!

Balloon Buddies

Use our Balloon Buddies and easily stick balloons just about anywhere! Quickly insert the ring holder and enjoy!

Features of the Germ Free Candle Holder

Easy to Use and Safe!

Our Germ Free Candle Holders are designed to fully support Birthday Candles, Twisty Style Candles, Candles on Sticks, and MORE! The wide base will securely hold the candles steady on your cake covers, packaging, plates, and just about any other smooth surface even with the strongest 'Birthday Wish'.

Insert our Balloon Buddies balloon attachments and also decorate for your event. Easily tie your balloon's string to the ring and insert into the Stick and Wish Candle Holder.

Stay healthy at your next celebration! Using our Germ Free Candle Holders helps keep germs, viruses, bacteria, spit, and more off of your cake. Blowing out candles deposits thousands of germs, viruses, and bacteria as well as yucky spit on the cake that everyone is about to eat! Gross! Using a Germ Free Candle Holder eliminates contamination keeping everyone safe.

Sample Uses of Stick and Wish

Germs Are Icky But Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Awesome Features

Industry Unique

With other candle holders on the market, we stand out with ours holding 3 candle sizes, plus balloons, and innovative air holes that minimize choking!

Awesome Experience

Real world users love the ease, design, and ability to help keep everyone healthy and safe 'Making a Wish' at their celebrations!

Helping Improve Health

Keeping germs, viruses, bacteria, and spit off of your cakes, or other items heeps everyone health and safe. Everyone will Thank You!

Use Just About Anywhere

Stick and Wish Germ Free Candle Holders can stick on just about any smooth/flat surface. Stand on plastic cake/cupcake covers, plates, glass, and more.

Handy Design

Our Stick and Wish Germ Free Candle Holders easily hold 6.5mm, 5.0mm, and 2.5mm candles and candle sticks. Plus NEW Balloon Buddies!

Don't Wait To Buy Yours

Keep several Stick and Wish Germ Free Candles Holder sets on hand for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, parites, and MORE!

Germ Free Candle Holder -  Details

Innovative Design!

There are several other brands off candle holders on the market, with all of them being many times more expensive, and only hold 1 candle size. Stick and Wish Germ Free Candle Holders can accomodate 3 sizes of candles and candle sticks for many different uses. The holders stand steady on plastic and glass for a no-tip design. If in the unfortunate event of an accidental swallowing by a child, large air vents have been placed along sides and bottom to ensure airflow! We want everyone to celebrate at their next event.

We know you will love our Stick and Wish Germ Free Candle Holders, not only for the great price, but for it's innovative uses and benefits.

Don't Blow Germs!

Safety is Important!

Blowing candles out on a cake is actually a really gross thing to do! Germs, bacteria, viruses, and more spray all over your cakes when you make your wish. With the world still being cautious with Covid-19, why chance spreading this, or any other illness this way?

Stick and Wish Germ Free Candle Holders are a great solution to this problem. Place the holders on the plastic coverings of store bought cakes or on a separate plate for home made ones to help keep everyone at the party healthy!

Germ Free Candle Holder Package

Easy To See Package!

Our packaging has been designed to stand out from the candles and other party supplies so you are sure that you are grabbing the 'Original Stick and Wish' Germ Free Candle Holders! We have designed the package to clearly show the 4 included Stick and Wish Germ Free Candle Holders as well as 2 of our handy Balloon Buddies inserts.

Germ Free Candle Holder Bulk Box Package

Need Larger Qty?

Are you looking for larger quantities more than our 4 pack? We offer bulk boxes where you can sell the Stick and Wish Germ Free Candle Holders individually in any amount the customer needs for their celebration!

Our bulk Stick and Wish boxes contain 144 (1 Gross) of our Stick and Wish Germ Free Candle Holders for even the largest of birthdays and parties!

Why Choose Germ Free Stick and Wish?

Why Choose Stick & Wish?

The year 2020 was a real eye opener for most people as it brought germs and viruses to the top of news headlines. Everyone has been trying to stay healthy and safe for more than a year, but as people try to get back to normal, some traditions hopefully have changed for the better. For as long as anyone can remember blowing out candles on the top of a birthday cake has been the thing to do. With Covid-19 and other 'nasty viruses and bugs' out there this may not be the best thing to do anymore. That is where Stick and Wish comes in!

With each and every 'wish' being hoped for by the person blowing out the candles on their birthday, or special occasion cakes, sprays an unhealthy coating of spit and other germs, viruses, bacteria, and more all over the cake. For many people, this was always gross to begin with, but now the majority see this as an 'icky' thing to do as we have seen over the past few years how a simple virus can easily spread from person to person! Did you know that blowing out the candles over the icing surface results in as much as 1400% more bacteria compared to the same icing not blown on. Why would you want that all over your cake you are going to serve to family and friends?

Why take a chance of getting anyone sick when you can use the Stick and Wish Germ Free Candle Holders! Set them on plastic cake covers on store bought cakes or on a separate plate for homemade cakes. Stick and Wish Germ Free Candle Holders can be used on just about any flat and smooth surface. Place them on containers, table tops, counters, plates, or on any other non-flamable surface for a super safe celebration. Included is our unique Balloon Buddies balloon holders which can be placed in a Stick and Wish holder making decorating super easy and safe.

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